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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you guys?

Ascenian Digital has received numerous positive reviews through Google and UpWork. Additionally, we are Better Business Bureau accredited and we are featured on UpCity. 

How long will the work take?

It really depends. A five page website may take up to two weeks, but a mobile app may take several months.

Will we sign a contract?

Ascenian Digital requires all our clients to sign a contract prior to commencing any work. This ensures both parties involved uphold their end of the agreement.

Why should I choose you guys?

Ascenian Digital prides itself on creating value and results for our clients. If you aren’t we happy, we certainly aren’t either. We constantly make sure our clients are included in the design and development process, unlike many of our competitors.

Where is the pricing for your services?

We choose to not post our prices online in an effort to make sure every client receives fair pricing. Additionally, we want to ensure that clients see the potential ROI of what we charge.

Do you guys have a physical location?

Ascenian Digital is a completely online company. However, for clients in the Houston area, we are more than willing to meet them in person.

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Caller ID Spoofing

On January 21st 2021, Ascenian Digital and its owner were the victim of a caller ID spoofing campaign. We want to assure everyone that we were NOT trying to scam anyone, rather someone was utilizing our phone number to do so. We are trying to get to the bottom of this and the necessary parties have been notified. Thank you.